Elephant Piggy Banks

If you are looking for a fun gift for a child, look no further than the Elephant Piggy Banks. These are great baptism gifts, birthday gifts, or just a nice present to give your child or grandchild and show them the benefits of saving at the same time.

Unlike toys for children which unfortunately they grow out of, Elephant Piggy Banks is a keepsake. One your child will remember for years, and a new take on a time-honored token, the piggy bank.

Piggy Banks are an excellent choice for children of all ages. You can buy a piggy bank for as little as $10 up to around $30. If you are buying for a girl, check out the Child to Cherish Ceramic Polka Dot Elephant Piggy Bank for Girls. This glazed ceramic elephant bank is seven by five inches and features hand-painted polka dots. This ceramic piggy bank noted for it’s attention to detail in its glaze application.

Another good choice is the Elegant Baby Ceramic Elephant Bank with White Polka Dots. This piggy bank is an excellent gift idea for a boy or a girl. This piggy bank is slightly smaller than the classic piggy bank. This piggy bank is sometimes as a decorative cake topper. For a great gift idea for your child’s birthday, use this bank as a topper on your boy’s or girl’s birthday cake with their first monetary gift inside the bank. Your child will be thrilled!

elephant piggy bank review

Another very popular piggy bank is the Personalized Elephant Piggy Bank by My Bambino in blue. What child or parent would not appreciate a piggy bank personalized with the child’s name on the front of the bank. For the preschooler, it is a fantastic way for the preschooler to learn and identify his name. This piggy bank is ceramic with a high gloss enamel blue color with the child’s surname applied with a permanent type decorative vinyl of up to nine characters.

These are just a few of the examples of top elephant piggy banks available for your child. Piggy banks are open in many different colors, designs, and styles. When choosing your piggy bank for the child, you have to look at your selection in the child’s eyes. The small, super cute, easy to carry and handle type piggy bank will appeal to most pre-schoolers and young children. If still unsure of what would be a right piggy bank, use the advice of a child and let them tell you what appeals to them.

Types of Piggy BanksRemember a small piggy bank is more comfortable for the child to hold and gives the preschooler or young child an interactive personal bond with the piggy bank. A child will beam with excitement as the bank becomes more substantial with the coins.

With your child’s piggy bank filled to the brim, surprise the child with another piggy bank. Many children love collecting piggy banks! Your child will continue to glow with excitement as their banks grow, along with the money in them!

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