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When I was growing up, one of my fondest memories was adding spare change into my elephant piggy bank that my daddy gave to me. It was amazing how quickly a few cents would turn into dollars. Sometimes a piggy bank was just a place to put spare change so it wasn’t all over the place, other times I’d be saving for something specific. Piggy Banks are timeless memories that can be passed down from different generations. Nowadays piggy banks come in all different sizes, themes, and colors. They even have character themed piggy banks. With all that being said, they actually make piggy banks for adults to start teaching children financial responsibility at an early age.

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The Moon Jar Classic Money Box helps engage children with the fun of saving, sharing and spending using different colored tin cases. This piggy bank was created to ensure adults and children alike learn better money handling skills that will continue on into adulthood. This product was released in 2001 and has been used in classrooms, schools and at home. The slots located at the top of the tin cases are wide enough to incorporate paper money into the piggy bank. The Moon Jar Classic Money Box is three separate tin containers held together with a rubber band. The lids are easy to remove and are made of acrylic. The unit measure 5″x5″x5″. Included in your purchase is the user guide and responsibility chart. You can order this product for under $20 and is recommended for ages four and up. This product will further engage your child into further conversation about financial responsibility possibly shaping their future.

The Money Savvy Pig is more like a classic piggy bank, but its separated into four slots including savings, spending, donating and investing. Each compartment has its own opening to prevent all your money from pouring out at once. Its clear so you can see the money and watch your savings grow. Plus it comes in several color options. This adorable pig weighs about a pound making it extremely light weight. This piggy bank makes a great present to people of all ages and is extremely affordable costing around $25 plus shipping through Amazon. You can decide the amount of money that goes into each section. The friendly face makes it a fun way to teach your children how to save money at a young age.

money savvy piggy bank review

With the Moon Jar Classic Money Box and The Money Savvy Pig saving money has never been more fun. You can enjoy the classic tradition of a piggy bank with a modern day twist. A few cents a day really adds up over time and you or your child will feel good being able to donate to your favorite charities. Or maybe saving for something fun in the future. Whatever the reason to start saving small amounts of money the Moon Jar Classic Money Box and The Money Savvy Pig have got you covered.

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